Admission and Studies

  1. (a) The school accepts children for Class – A (Nursery) and Class – XI. A pupil coming with transfer certificate from other schools may be admitted to the class for which he/she is found fit, if vacancy is available.

(b) If a pupil comes from a school outside Nagaland the T.C must be counter-signed by the D.E.O/S.D.E.O/Board of schools of the

state from where the pupil comes.

  1. The following subjects will be taught in the school; English language and literature, Hindi, Mathematics, Integrated Science, Social Science, General Knowledge, Computer and any other subject that the school deems necessary.
  2. All pupils must speak English in the School premises. This would make them proficient in conversational English. If the pupils use any other language or dialect they are liable to sanctions which include also fines.
  3. Every child attending the school is obliged to take part in the choral singing, drill, games and all other activities.
  4. Co-curricular activities are of paramount importance in the development of a whole personality. Interpersonal relational skills, confidence, poise and reliability are some of the qualities developed through co-curricular activities. Hence such activities are an essential part of the school program.
  5. Students are, whenever possible, offered the opportunity of extramural competitions and are encouraged to take part.